Aurrigo soars to national innovation title win at Made in the UK Awards

Automated technology that is revolutionising the way baggage and cargo is moved around airports has won one of the main titles at the Made in the UK Awards finale in Liverpool last night.

Aurrigo International plc was named as the country’s ‘Most Innovative’ company after its Auto-DollyTug® beat off competition from rivals across the Midlands, the North, the South and Northern Ireland.

The automated, electric-powered tug is set to replace outdated diesel tugs, helping airports and operators reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, improve safety, and substantially cut their carbon footprint.

Judges were impressed with the smart airside solution and the way the business has already deployed its technology at airports across the globe.

Aurrigo was also able to demonstrate real customer uptake and excitement, with the recent announcement of Phase 2 trials at Changi Airport ushering in a world first when it comes to using a fleet of autonomous vehicles to turnaround a widebody flight.

Professor David Keene, CEO of Aurrigo, was delighted with the win: “There is significant momentum building behind Auto-DollyTug® and this national title will only help us to amplify our story and the difference our technology can make.

“To compete with some great companies, from all over the country, and come out on top is massive for our business and a huge confidence boost for our employees that the hours and commitment they are putting in is being noticed.”

He continued: “We’ll definitely use this accolade when we are in discussions with existing and potential customers and when we are looking to attract new talent to join our journey.”

The Made in the UK Awards is a celebration of all that’s great about manufacturing and is one of the largest industrial dinners held every year.

This year’s competition, which was held at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, attracted more than 350 people from the sector and rewarded fantastic manufacturing and innovation stories.

About Aurrigo International plc

Aurrigo International plc is an international designer and developer of fully integrated smart airside solutions for the aviation industry, including automated vehicles, systems and software.

Customers choose to partner with the Coventry-based company to transform their baggage and cargo handling operations, improving safety, operational efficiencies and meeting sustainability targets, while navigating growing passenger volumes, rising costs and increasing labour shortages.

With international offices in Singapore and Ottawa, the group has a 30+ year heritage designing and supplying automotive vehicle manufacturers with highly advanced, innovative product and system solutions.

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