New Products

Emerson Launches Compact Valve Position Indicator Engineered for Quick and Easy Commissioning

TopWorx DVR Switchbox is a compact, high quality and durable valve positioner thatprovides reliable open/close valve position feedback Today Emerson announced its new TopWorx™ DVR Switchbox, an entry-level addition to the DV Series of valve position indicators. It combines a durable resin enclosure, compact size and a patented cam design that provides water and wastewater … Read more

Two-Part Surge Protection M-LB-4000

Modularity, loop disconnect function, and fault monitoring for signal lines up to SIL 3 in accordance withIEC/EN 61508 – these features are combined in the new M-LB-4000 surge protection system fromPepperl+Fuchs. The devices limit induced transients from various causes on signal lines, for example, due to lightning or switching operations. The 2-channel modules support higher … Read more


The latest class of sensors introduced by sensor specialists BAUMER continues to push the boundaries of performance by combining outstanding measurement precision of up to 5 micrometres in an ultra-compact package. Using profile analysis, the ‘smart’ 2D OX series sensors are now able to solve a variety of challenging positioning and inspection tasks more efficiently … Read more

Reflective Sensor Technology

The central component of the BEPC reflective technology architecture is an innovative system-on-chip optical device. This device integrates a blue LED emitter and a sensor into a single package,accompanied by a range of on-chip programmable encoder functions. This cutting-edge reflectivetechnology offers significant benefits over the traditional optical transmissive approach typicallyemployed in encoders:

Absolute Encoder designed for high performance in a compact mechanical package

The Model A36R Absolute Encoder is designed for high performance in a compactmechanical package. The use of blue LED and reflective technology along with excellentshock and vibration ratings make it a highly versatile encoder. Available with bore sizes up to10 mm and a wide selection of flexible mounting options, with BiSS C or SSI communicationprotocols, … Read more

Apex Dynamics launches new product range aboard The Gearbus at Machine Building Live

Birmingham, 3rd October 2023 – Apex Dynamics is attending this year’s Machine Building Live expo in a unique way to pre-launch new products, including the MD and MF series of high precision gearboxes. The world leader in servo gearbox technologies is parking its innovative Gearbus outside the show and attendees will be able to climb aboard … Read more


Sensor specialist BAUMER continues to expand its range of miniature sensors helping system designers and engineers to exploit the benefits of reliable object detection using the smallest possible components. Their new ultra-flat and far-sighted IF250 Inductive Sensor is a perfect example, measuring just 6mm in height, yet will detect objects of up to 12mm. This sensor is the flattest of its … Read more

IOTA Automation and Christ Electronic Systems Join Forces to Revolutionise Display Solutions” 

 IOTA Automation and Christ Electronic Systems proudly announce their strategic partnership to revolutionise the display technology landscape, offering unmatched solutions that will enhance industries worldwide.  The collaboration aims to deliver the finest offerings from a lesser-known brand, ensuring a novel and unparalleled experience for customers. By combining IOTA’s industry knowledge with Christ Electronic Systems cutting-edge … Read more

Portescap’s New R22T Gearhead Minimizes Heat and Enhances Efficiency in Applications Requiring Medium Torque Output

Portescap is excited to introduce the new R22T gearhead, the latest addition to its existing 22mm gearbox portfolio. As a mid-torque gearhead, the R22T fills the gap between our light-torque R22 and high-torque R22HT gearheads. It is also fully compatible with Portescap’s brush DC and brushless DC slotless motors. This gearbox features a 22mm diameter, … Read more

CC-Link IE TSN adds value to additive manufacturing operations

In recent years, additive manufacturing (AM), or “3D printing”, has quickly opened up new production frontiers. Structures once regarded as being impossible to fabricate with traditional machining techniques have become commonplace. Moreover, the original delicate parts formed by earlier AM technologies, suitable only for prototyping and laboratories, have now given way to methods that provide … Read more