New Products

Wear-resistant trapezoidal screw drives from Kammerer

Now with shorter delivery times Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH presents rolled trapezoidal screw drives. The spindles, which are produced in a thread rolling process, are characterised by their excellent running properties, high wear resistance, and long service life. The Black-Forest-based threaded technology specialist now offers the components with a delivery time of just four to six … Read more

Mountable shaft collars with face holes, New from Ruland.

Marlborough, MA, USA, January 2024. Ruland has released mountable shaft collars with face holes for applications where the shaft collar needs to be directly mounted to a component such as a pulley, sprocket, or metallic plate. The shaft collars are available with drilled face holes that give the user flexibility in mounting hardware, or tapped … Read more

SICK’s Next-Generation DT80 Distance Sensor Sets Precision Standard

With the launch of its next-generation DT80 distance sensor, SICK has revised the standard for measurement precision in countless industrial applications in a compact and robust device.  Equipped with high-performance time-of-flight measurement technology, the SICK DT80 1D laser distance sensor achieves unparalleled accuracy of +/- 2 mm with a resolution of 0.1 mm at ranges up … Read more

Tolomatic extends accurate and durable linear rail actuator range

Linear motion specialist, Tolomatic, has extended the capability of its twin profile rail linear stage actuator. The new TRS 225 doubles the maximum stroke length, now up to 2,200 mm, and boosts maximum load up to 1,960 kg. Tolomatic’s Twin Rail Stage system gives machine build OEMs a two or three axis linear motion system … Read more

Inclination Sensor Defies Shocks and Vibrations

IMU F99—dynamic inclination sensor The IMU F99 inclination sensor provides stable inclination values for mobile use on constructionmachinery or robots. An integrated gyroscope compensates for accelerations, enabling preciseinclination measurement. This makes the IMU F99 sensor a significantly better choice thanconventional static inclination sensors. Simple mounting with no need for mechanical customization of the machine Inclination … Read more

LEMO presents a new website

The launch of our brand-new website, designed to enhance the online journeylike never before. Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction has led us to revamp our digital presence. A fresh look, revised content and user-friendly features are just some of the benefits of the new LEMO website. The platform offers a sleek, intuitive … Read more

IDS now also offers uEye XC autofocus camera with UVC protocol

As simple as a webcam, as reliable as an industrial camera Programmable or Plug&Play? Whether quality assurance, logistics tasks or kiosk systems: quickly available, optimally focused imageinformation helps to make optimal decisions, avoid errors and speed up work processes. When it isnecessary to refocus frequently, it seems most convenient to use webcams from the consumer … Read more

Unparalleled value with high precision performance from Apex Dynamics new MD and MF gearboxes

Apex Dynamics launches its new MD and MF gearbox ranges, offering market-leading value with high precision performance, torque output and efficiency.

Unique Rohde & Schwarz 170 GHz power sensors ease use and traceability in the D-band

Rohde & Schwarz is launching the new R&S NRP170TWG(N) thermal power sensor for precise power level measurements in the D-band. It is the only RF power sensor on the market that offers full traceability to national metrology institutes (NMI) in the frequency range from 110 GHz to 170 GHz, an important prerequisite for commercializing the … Read more

Kollmorgen launches new stepper drive with closed-loop position control

Kollmorgen has introduced the P80360 stepper motor drive, which offers real-time position correction thanks to closed-loop operation. The new drive provides versatile programming capabilities with extended positional control, while closed-loop feedback ensures improved reliability and efficiency. The Kollmorgen P80360 is also straightforward to control and commission. INMOCO is supplying the new Kollmorgen closed-loop stepper drive … Read more