Automation1 with new release Intuitive programming on the motion control platform

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The motion control experts at Aerotech continuing to add new features to their Automation1 motion control platform: Release 2.7 is now available as the latest version of the Automation1 Motion Development Kit (MDK) and the Automation1 iSMC Intelligent Software-Based Motion Controller (iSMC).  It also includes new CNC functionalities in the programming module of MachineApps and a 3D plotting extension (beta support) for display in the data visualiser of the Studio configuration assistant.

Automation1 is now also integrating the lean and cost-effective XA4 and iXA4 PWM drives from

“With every further development of Automation1, we attach great importance to the users experience, taking feedback from our customers and endeavour to meet the individual requirements of individual sectors such as electronics producers or medical technology manufacturers,” says Simon Smith, European Director of Aerotech. “With version 2.7, we were able to incorporate a few more important features. These not only make programming easier and more intuitive, but also make the platform more powerful overall.”

Create customised modules easily

The new release now includes innovations in MachineApps, a tool that according to Aerotech, allows users to create customised interfaces in a revolutionary way without coding and without extensive programming knowledge. This reduces the development time from months to just a few days. One new feature, for example, is that users can now create user-defined modules and integrate them into their workflows in order to individualise and automate processes. New CNC functions have also been added to the programming module, which should increase efficiency during programming and in the subsequent workflow.

3D Data visualisation

The Automation1 Studio has also been optimised and now offers a 3D display (beta support) in the data visualiser. This allows users to view their models more realistically and vividly. In addition, global string variables can be monitored in the Develop workspace, and a special ‘watch window’ for programme variables has also been added to simplify the development phase. For improved machine set-up, Release 2.7 now supports Motion Plus belt drives, extending the software’s compatibility with different machine types.

Other new features include customised task errors and warnings, allowing users to define specific warning and error messages according to their requirements. Version 2.7 also offers beta support for cutting tool offset (tool length) compensation to improve the precision and quality of laser processing.

Integration of new PWM drives

Another highlight is the integration of the new XA4 -PWM drives. The compact single and multi-axis servo motor drives are designed for installation in control cabinets and are available from Aerotech for a lower entry price than other Aerotech drives. Both the single and dual-axis versions include a complete motion controller with I/O expansion options. A four-axis version is also due to follow in the course of the year, as well as I/O expansion and DC motor supply for the entire series.

 Simon Smith comments: “Our compact single- and dual-axis servo motor drives provide users with precise, powerful control for multiple axes of motion in the same current form factor of a current single axis drive. The software-based motion controller of our Automation1 motion control platform makes it easy to control the drives and other connected components.” Typical areas of application include automation systems, precision laser processes and testing and inspection processes.