Connecting Regulatory Compliance and Safety in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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The ready availability of the numerous drugs which support the wellbeing of millions of people worldwide who depend upon them, is something we have come to take for granted. Behind the scenes however, there are many tightly controlled processes in play to ensure the quality, consistency, and safety of the multitude of different drug types.

Achieving and maintaining the rigorous international regulatory standards demanded by the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Fine Chemicals sectors requires the highest levels of attention and adherence to detail across all areas of production. Failure to follow these exacting and legal industry guidelines could have catastrophic implications for patient health and safety.

If the quality, consistency, and safety of the different Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology products are to be guaranteed, then the technologies used to produce them must also be of the highest standard. Moreso, perhaps than for other industries, Pharmaceutical products often undergo a lengthy series of production stages covering research, development, testing and analysis before they are licensed and released for public consumption. In addition, there are a wide range of natural, synthetic, or semi-synthetic materials, liquids, and compounds to be processed in the course of product development and manufacture.

Many pharmaceutical products are manufactured in batches, where the output from each stage of manufacture may be tested and / or stored prior to moving on to the next processing stage. Often, the next processing stage will be within the same manufacturing facility, however it is not uncommon for some Pharmaceutical products to be transported between sites to complete the final manufacturing stages.

In either scenario, filling the vessels used to store or transport liquid or gas products between the different manufacturing stages requires high quality couplings, which can be relied upon to eliminate leaks or spillage, prevent cross contamination, and operate at optimum flow rates to ensure maximum production efficiency.

Stäubli coupling technology has a proven and enviable track record within high compliance sectors such as Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. Designed to the highest specifications, and manufactured from quality Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys, the comprehensive range offers unique quick and dry connect / disconnect features. The reputation of Stäubli couplings means that they can be found across many different areas within the Pharmaceutical Sector, delivering solutions where their materials, certifications and secure operation are essential attributes.

Such is the diversity of the different processes found within the Pharmaceutical sector, that Stäubli has developed products which are suited to a wide range of areas including product preparation, manufacturing, dispensing and storage. In addition to these areas Stäubli quick release couplings can also be found distributing essential services such as water, fuel, gas, air, or electricity, which facilitate the manufacturing processes.

As for many other manufacturing industries, the Pharmaceutical sector is seeking to increase levels of automation wherever possible, to enhance productivity and quality levels whilst at the same time reducing manufacturing costs. Stäubli’s MCS Multi Connect System opens up new opportunities to automate connection and disconnection operations.

Using this technology, different mediums and / or energy sources can be connected in a single operation, and at a single point. This offers many advantages for manufacturers such as, productivity gains through quicker changeover, and the ability to optimise the space required for connection / disconnection.

Combining Stäubli’s MCS Multi Connect System with the latest mobile and autonomous robot technologies can bring a new dimension to automated manufacturing by making it possible to automatically transfer batches of product between different manufacturing processes. A further benefit is that the risk of inadvertently inverting circuits during connection and disconnection is completely eliminated.

As a long-standing partner of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries, Stäubli has developed a comprehensive range of expert connection solutions which meet the stringent quality and efficiency requirements in terms of productivity, whilst ensuring the integrity of operators, products, and the environment.