COVAL launches the new generation of multi-stage mini-vacuum pumps

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The mini with maxi performance! The CMS M series, the latest addition to COVAL’s range of multi-stage vacuum pumps, has been designed and developed with two guiding objectives: compactness and performance. It offers an optimum solution for industrial applications which require high suction flow rates.

Enhanced performance and robustness
CMS M multi-stage mini-vacuum pumps are the product of COVAL’s advanced research, seeking to provide a powerful, durable solution for handling porous parts, emptying tanks, or random gripping in harsh industrial environments. Thanks to their ultra-compact design and optimized multi-stage Venturi system, these pumps guarantee powerful suction flows of up to 550 Nl/min, while reducing compressed air consumption in a compact footprint.

Modularity and ease of maintenance

An outstanding feature of the CMS M series is its modularity, making it easy to adapt to a variety of applications and simple to maintain. Available in two suction capacities (300 Nl/min and 550 Nl/min) and with or without vacuum and blow-off control, these mini-pumps also offer two exhaust configurations to perfectly match each specific need.

Advanced multi-stage technology for maximum efficiency

Coval’s multi-stage technology maximizes the energy input of compressed air by cascading several stages of Venturi profiles and combining their respective suction flows. Intermediate valves progressively isolate each stage to achieve maximum vacuum level. This technology makes it possible to generate high suction flow at low vacuum levels.
This innovation reflects COVAL’s commitment to providing efficient, energy-saving solutions for industry.

A trusted technology partner

An ISO 9001:V2015 certified company, based in the South of France, COVAL is continuously innovating in the field of vacuum handling. The company is recognized worldwide for its expertise in developing customized, reliable and efficient solutions, improving the safety and productivity of industrial processes.