Cressall Resistors to exhibit at The Battery Show Europe

Resistor manufacturer to showcase its automotive solutions

Cressall Resistors, is exhibiting its range of power resistor solutions for the automotive industry at The Battery Show Europe from 18 to 20 June, 2024. Taking place at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, the event is Europe’s largest battery and hydrogen electric vehicle (EV) technology show that acts as a meeting place for industry leaders, top EV component manufacturers and automotive suppliers.

This year, The Battery Show is set to see over 19,000 attendees, feature 1,100 exhibitors and deliver over 52 hours of education sessions. The show presents an opportunity for key industry players to delve into the challenges of Europe’s EV rollout and foster partnerships that serve the industry as well as global targets around the electrification of the automotive market. Cressall will be exhibiting its flagship EV2 dynamic braking resistor (DBR), which is specifically designed for heavy-duty EV applications, including battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). The EV2 is an essential piece of kit that safeguards the regenerative braking process by safely dissipating excess energy as heat, which can be in turn used to heat the vehicle’s cabin. Unlike other solutions, Cressall’s resistor offers a modular design at just ten per cent of the volume and 15 per cent of the weight of competitors’ products. 

Alongside Cressall’s resistor products, its load bank division, Power Prove, will also be present on the stand. With a range of AC and DC off-the-shelf load banks, Power Prove will be showcasing its suitability for various automotive applications such as EV charging station testing.

Attendees from Cressall will include Martin Nicholls, sales director; Donovan Rannachan, technical sales manager and Ian Dooley, sales engineer as well as colleagues from Telema, Cressall’s parent company — Giovanni Fornari, head of business strategy; Matteo Fornari, project manager and Nicola Del Pioluogo, mechanical engineer.

“As the deadline for phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles draws near both in the UK and EU, there is a greater need for innovation,” explained Martin Nicholls, sales director of Cressall. “The UK delayed its petrol and diesel vehicle ban due to the costs it would impose on UK residents. So, producing an electric automotive fleet that is commercially viable for consumers and businesses is absolutely essential.

“The Battery Show Europe provides an opportunity for Cressall to showcase its products and services that directly support the widespread deployment of EVs of all sizes, from cars to trucks, buses and everything in between with the support of our Italian colleagues.”

To learn more about the EV2, Power Prove or any of Cressall’s other resistor technologies, speak to a member of the team at The Battery Show Europe from June 18 to 20, 2024 at booth 8-C71.