Delta Showcases the Pioneering Charging and Machine Vision Solutions for e-Vehicles at LogiMAT 2024

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Delta, a world-class provider of power management and industrial automation solutions, today announced its participation at LogiMAT 2024 from March 19th to 21st. Leveraging its cutting-edge technologies, Delta will showcase pioneering charging systems and smart industrial automation solutions for AGVs, e-forklifts, conveyors, loading docks and other equipment to establish a fully autonomous warehouse and logistics sector. Among notable exhibits are the M∞Vair Series Wireless Charging Systems (adopts industrial wireless charging technology developed by WiTricity®) and the M∞Vbase Series Modular Charging Station for industrial e-vehicle battery charging, as well as the Machine Vision Solutions including 3D ToF Smart Camera Series and Machine Vision Platform DIAVision for object detection, AGV navigation and collision avoidance.

Daniel Dörflinger, General Manager of Delta Energy System’s Industrial and Medical Business Unit, said, “For over 5 decades, Delta has leveraged its state-of-the-art power technologies to develop cutting-edge power products and solutions for diverse fields, such as AI and cloud, networking, e-mobility, industrial automation, home appliances and many others. Regarding logistics management, we noticed the burgeoning trend of smart factories which accelerates the demand for unmanned industrial vehicles. It is clear that we developed the M∞Vair Series Wireless Charging System Series and M∞Vbase Series Modular Charging Stations to satisfy wireless and wired battery charging for various industrial vehicles.”

Michael Mayer-Rosa, Senior Business Director of DACH, Industrial Automation Business Group, Delta Electronics Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region, indicated, “Smart manufacturing has been the utmost focus of manufacturing globally for years, with more factories adopting autonomous equipment such as AGVs/AMRs, and robots. With our smart manufacturing experience, Delta has been developing advanced and smart industrial solutions to enhance the productivity, energy efficiency, and reliability of our customers’ warehouses and logistics.”

During the event, Delta will present a live AGV demonstration to showcase:

  • Delta’s M∞Vair wireless charging systems, which adopt industrial wireless charging technology developed by WiTricity®. The 1kW Wireless Charging System is composed of a primary unit for AC supply attachment and a secondary for vehicle battery connection. The two units can transfer power wirelessly within a gap of up to 20 mm with a maximum of 93% power conversion efficiency. The M∞Vbase single-phase model features 3-5 charging modules with each providing 1350W power output to meet various charging demands. It also supports ethernet communication for energy management.
  • The 3D ToF Smart Cameras including DMV-T and DMV-T Mini are compact and robust to make them the best fit for mobile robot applications in indoor and/or outdoor environments. Featuring ToF technology, up to 60fps frame rate, built-in CPU, and the combination of Delta’s Machine Vision Platform DIAVision, the Smart Cameras can provide continuous 3D depth information, real-time image processing and support <80 ms detection speed, perfect for object detection and AGV navigation and collision avoidance. In addition, the AGV servo system adopts the Integrated Brushless DC Gearmotor for locomotion, with the integration of the servo motor, servo drive, magnetic encoder, and planetary reducer in one package. This coupling-free gearmotor design is a compact solution for the space-saving demand of the AGV chassis.

Delta will also showcase a forklift-shaped demo to present the latest M∞Vair 30kW Wireless Charging System. This system also features a primary and a secondary unit and enables a fully autonomous charging over a gap of up to 150 mm. Its up to 95% contactless power transmission greatly reduced energy waste for large e-vehicles such as forklift. A fully integrated Warehouse and Logistics Solutions with a visualized SCADA System VTScada for remote control of diverse subsystems are also highlights. The control span covers various applications, such as door and dock, conveyors, sorting, picking, and scanning.
Visit Delta booth B9D61, Halle 9 at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre to learn more about Delta’s smart power and automation solutions for warehousing and logistics.