DFI Panel PC Delivers Efficiency and Reliability for Semi-Outdoor Applications

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DFI, the world’s leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, has introduced its latest KS101-EHL industrial touchscreen PC designed for reliability and durability in semi-outdoor applications. Equipped with energy efficient Intel Atom® Processors, the Panel PC provides the high performance required by various industries such as automatic car wash machines, ticket machines, and parking payment machines. Combined with its rugged design and intuitive interface, the KS101-EHL ensures operational and energy efficiency.

DFI’s latest KS101-EHL Panel PC is a robust, efficient, and user-friendly touchscreen computer solution for semi-outdoor applications

With sustained growth in recent years, the car wash industry has a growing demand for the optimization of human-machine interfaces and other equipment. Various environmental conditions such as high temperature, strong light, high humidity, and road dust can cause damage to sensors, connections, and screens. Therefore, products used in car wash systems must meet industry requirements of different application environments to maintain the safety, durability, and efficiency. Industrial-grade touchscreen tablets with robust designs play a crucial role in similar applications.

The KS101-EHL is IP65 rated for protection against dust and water. The wide operating temperature and wide voltage design also guarantee reliable operations with the fluctuating temperatures of different operating environments. The shock and collision resistance per IEC standards further ensures that the Panel PC can endure the exertions of industrial environments. Equipped with projected capacitive touchscreen technology, users can directly touch the screen even when wearing different material gloves or with wet hands. Furthermore, the KS101-EHL supports ten-point touch for greater intuitiveness and convenience. Additionally, the KS101-EHL provides a brightness of 500 nits to ensure clear visibility.

As a leading industrial motherboard manufacturer, DFI surpasses industry standards by creating its system products in Taiwan with a defect rate of less than 1,000 DPPM. The KS101-EHL Panel PC is tailored for most semi-outdoor applications, representing DFI’s commitment toward high-quality manufacturing and design. The KS101-EHL will be showcased for the first time at the upcoming Embedded World 2024.

Key Features:
Intel Atom® X6425E or Intel Atom® X6413E quad-core processor
DDR4-3200 SODIMM slot that supports up to 32GB
10.1-inch screen with a brightness of 500 nits
Wide temperature range of 0 to 60 °C and wide voltage support of 9 ~ 36V.