EMS offers new FAULHABER BX4 integrated motion controller

EMS has expanded its offering with the new FAULHABER BX4 integrated motion controller (IMC) series. Combining the high torque and speed of FAULHABER’s brushless BX4 servo motor range with the positioning control of its V3.0 Motion Controllers, the new BX4 IMC series promises to be the most compact integrated motion control system on the market.

Where precision and position control are paramount, a motion controller is a useful addition to any drive system. But when working to extremely tight space limitations, finding a suitable controller can be a challenge. To address these concerns, FAULHABER has developed a new motion controller range, designed for integration with its popular BX4 DC servomotors.

The new IMC offers a full-featured servo controller and a 12-bit encoder. Extending the motor length by just 18 millimetres, the IMC is a highly compact solution with no compromise on functionality. The controller is currently available in two lengths — 50 mm and 68 mm — which can support a wide speed range from 1 to 13,000 min⁻¹.

Both RS232 and CANopen interface versions are presented to support a wide range of application needs, whether for standalone operation or within a wider industrial automation network. Several drives can be controlled using a single port of the master, even with the RS232 interface. Thanks to its local digital and analog I/Os, the BX4 IMC can also be operated without a master in standalone mode. Here, local control tasks and drive homing processes can be executed directly for an independent motion control solution. Configuration is also possible via PC connection with FAULHABER’s recently updated Motion Manager 7 software, which is freely available for download online.

The BX4 IMC series offers full compliancy with CiA 402, a standardisation for the way in which drives communicate with the masters. This compliancy ensures full compatibility of the new IMCs with existing programmable logic controllers, facilitating smooth incorporation into industrial systems.

Created to meet the evolving needs of industry, the BX4 IMC provides torque, velocity and position control support. Built-in current control helps to protect the drive system from overloading to ensure reliable operation even under harsh conditions. Furthermore, the BX4’s compliancy with EMC emission standards helps to minimise impact on surrounding electronics. For sensitive applications like medical imaging devices, this is essential to ensure avoid motor malfunction.

“The need for precise and adaptable motor control solutions is more critical than ever in fields such as medical technology, industrial automation and robotics,” explains Dave Walsha, sales manager at EMS. “FAULHABER’s new BX4 IMC not only meets these needs, but leads the industry in terms of performance and compact design.”