EMS supplies new FAULHABER IEP3 magnetic incremental encoder

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High accuracy, compact design

Sole UK & Ireland supplier of FAULHABER drive systems, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS), has expanded its product range with the new IEP3 incremental encoder series from FAULHABER. Characterised by high accuracy in a small installation space, the encoder will benefit a variety of precision applications including medical technology, optics and semiconductor production.

With a diameter of just eight mm, the new three-channel IEP3 incremental encoder offers accurate positioning information from a compact space. Resolutions of up to 10,000 lines per revolution are possible for extremely precise measurement. Furthermore, customer-specific resolutions are freely programmable, enabling a customised solution for any application. Based on a 2-pole sensor magnet design, the IEP3 offers simplistic construction for a robust encoder.  

Sophisticated chip technology within the IEP3 ensures a high positional accuracy of 0.3 mechanical degrees (°m). To ensure high repeatability of measurements, the chip also features error compensation algorithms. This error compensation ensures that all values reported by the encoder fall within 0.05 °m of the actual position.  

In terms of operational requirements, the IEP3 can be powered with supply voltages of 5V and 3.3V, making it suitable for battery-powered applications. A wide operating temperature range of -40 to +125 °C means it can be safely used in a variety of industrial environments.

With three output channels, the IEP3 offers accurate measurement and control of shaft velocity, rotational direction and positioning. And its modular design — already preestablished with the IE3 encoder series — means it can be combined seamlessly with other FAULHABER products, for an extremely compact drive system solution. The IEP3-4096 model, for example, has a length of just 9.1 mm. Combination with the popular 1024… SR brushless DC motor creates a drive system with a total of length of just 33.3 mm.

“The new IEP3 incremental encoder delivers high resolution from an extremely compact module. And it doesn’t compromise on precision,” explained Dave Walsha, sales manager at EMS. “This makes the IEP3 the ideal solution for applications that prioritise measurement accuracy as well as installation space.

“Semiconductor manufacturing, for example, requires the utmost precision at every stage, whether it’s etching out the first circuit layer or cutting hair-thin electrical connectors. When the product you’re looking to manufacture is so small, the smallest error can be catastrophic, and even write off the semiconductor wafer entirely,” added Walsha. “The IEP3 is designed to excel under such circumstances, providing accurate measurements every time.”

Outside of the manufacturing industry, there are numerous other areas that could benefit from such a high-resolution encoder. The MedTech industry is a prime example, requiring accuracy at every level for the best patient outcome. And it’s currently undergoing a huge transformation.

AI is being trialled for more thorough and faster analysis of diagnostic images. Surgery robots are another developing area, used for less invasive operations for quicker recovery times. In both cases, high precision is essential, and that’s something that an encoder like the IEP3 is vital in achieving.  

“As the sole supplier of FAULHABER goods to the UK and Ireland, EMS offers a range of complimentary products including DC motors, encoder adapters and ribbon connector cables,” said Walsha. “The new IEP3 incremental encoder is a welcome addition to our existing range of FAULHABER products and will help us to support our customers working in high precision applications.”

To find out more about the IEP3 incremental encoder and drive systems from FAULHABER, call a member of the EMS team today on +44 (0) 118 9817391 or visit the website.