Faster Access to Device Data

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Eplan eStock gives companies access to centralised device management in the Eplan Cloud, simplifying
collaboration and reducing coordination times and media discontinuities.

Working with eStock has become even easier in the Eplan Platform 2024, meaning that users can automatically and quickly access the full range of more than 1.5 million device datasets in the Eplan Data Portal. Another benefit is that all the data– from a company’s inhouse device management system or from the Data Portal – can be edited together and saved via user rights management.

When searching for a component in Eplan eStock, the system display potential hits in the Eplan Data Portal

Eplan eStock – the cloud-based device management system on the Eplan Platform – lets users manage and maintain device data right in a browser, including voltages, currents, data sheets and component designations. They have already had access to the data stored there since Version 2023. This all makes collaboration easier and reduces coordination times and media discontinuities. The data is thus more consistent and of higher quality – after all, there is no need for multiple data entry. This is also reflected in the project quality while taking into account all the required standards.
New: Eplan Data Portal integration Now a few crucial innovations have been added: devices can be imported from the Eplan Data Portal into eStock. When making the first keystrokes for the entry, users see all devices in their own database in addition to all the relevant devices for the search in the Eplan Data Portal. Users can then open the desired device in the same window and, in case it hasn’t been already, import it with one or two clicks. When items are transferred from the Data Portal into Eplan eStock, the software initially created a draft version – meaning that previously approved device data isn’t automatically “overwritten” but the saving must instead be actively confirmed – i.e., accepted – by the user. Users can thus add data and/or make changes to the draft version before approving it and actually using the device in a project.

If a device is opened in the Eplan Data Portal, it can be imported into eStock with just one or two clicks.

Eplan Platform 2024 – faster data access
Another practical benefit is that users have access to more than 1.5 million device datasets in eStock with the new direct integration to the Eplan Data Portal. Component manufacturers involved in the Data Portal upload new and/or updated data on an ongoing basis and the pool of device data is continually growing.
Eplan’s developers have also paid attention to efficiency when using data from the cloud and the system
only downloads data changes to a local computer based on the last time it accessed eStock, considerably
speeding up data access. Another performance gain also benefits users – in the Eplan Platform 2024, it is
quick and easy to switch between the source of a local database and an eStock collection based in the
Eplan Cloud. This also offers users considered time savings and even greater ease of use.
Better cross-departmental collaboration Eplan eStock, the centralised device data management system in the cloud, simplifies collaboration. Data sovereignty always lies with the company or the user, who determine the quality and level of access themselves. Standards can be easily and comprehensively implemented via rights management. Access to the centralised device management in the cloud is available to Eplan users with a subscription licence for the Eplan Platform 2023 at no additional cost.
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