Higher cycle rates in laser processing

Basingstoke, U.K., March 04, 2024 – Companies like Aerotech ensure that the world of laser and photonics technology is constantly evolving. Interested parties will get an impression of this on 17-19 April 2024 in Aachen. The 14th International Laser Technology Congress (AKL) will take place there. Every two years, the international forum for applied laser technology in production attracts high-calibre speakers and numerous exhibiting companies.

With Infinite Field of View (IFOV) and the motion control platform Automation1, the motion control experts from Aerotech will be presenting two pioneering solutions for high-precision laser processing. Aerotech has been supplying standard components and solutions such as motors, drives, controls, positioning tables, galvo scanners and much more for more than 50 years. Customised motion subsystems include positioning systems on granite structures with a base frame and vibration isolation as well as external measuring systems. “The AKL has long since established itself as an outstanding industry event that gives users, manufacturers and developers alike the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the fields of laser and photonics technology” , says Simon Smith, European Manager of Aerotech. “The leading minds in the industry will be interacting with each other in Aachen, so we are looking forward to inspiring discussions and the odd exciting contact with potential customers or partners.”

IFOV in laser processing They will also be able to get a first-hand impression of Aerotech’s “Infinite Field of View (IFOV)” at Stand 01. This is an innovative solution for synchronising linear or rotary servo axes with laser scanners. By combining highly dynamic galvo scanners with the travel path of servo axes, parts that are significantly larger than the traditional field of view of a scanner can be processed continuously without the need to link individual work areas together. According to Aerotech, this leads to higher throughput rates. Stitching errors and quality problems with individual parts due to overlapping or uneven laser processing are also eliminated. “With IFOV, we improve both the processing quality and the throughput of large parts,” explains Aerotech European Manager Simon Smith. Users can select the best optics configuration for their application in no time at all, without having to compromise on the working area. “IFOV not only automatically increases the working area for each galvo system beyond what is possible with optics alone, but also eliminates the trade-offs between laser spot size and available working area by expanding the field of view regardless of the optics selection,” continues Simon Smith. One control platform for all applications and systems The latest release of Automation1 is installed on all positioning solutions and systems at the Aerotech stand. The motion control platform functions as a complete machine controller with all components and therefore offers much more than just “motion control”. Equipped with a new software-based motion controller, it can be used to directly control servo and stepper motors, galvo scan heads, piezoelectric actuators and various other devices. The individual drive modules are connected via the HyperWire bus, currently the most powerful communication bus in the motion control industry.

“We would be delighted to convince trade visitors of Automation1, an innovative motion control platform in which we have closely linked the process control with the motion control,” explains Simon Smith. “This enables even faster movement and settling times, better position stability and increased contour accuracy.”