IDS now also offers uEye XC autofocus camera with UVC protocol

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As simple as a webcam, as reliable as an industrial camera Programmable or Plug&Play?

Whether quality assurance, logistics tasks or kiosk systems: quickly available, optimally focused image
information helps to make optimal decisions, avoid errors and speed up work processes. When it is
necessary to refocus frequently, it seems most convenient to use webcams from the consumer sector. For
industrial applications, however, not only ease of operation is required, but also robustness and long
availability. IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has therefore developed the compact autofocus
camera uEye XC. In addition to USB3 Vision, it is now also available with UVC protocol – as a reliable
webcam for industrial applications.

The practical camera is equipped with a 13 MP onsemi sensor and is available with two different protocols:
USB3 Vision, which makes the model programmable and customisable, or as a variant with UVC. This
abbreviation stands for USB Video Class and means that the camera only requires a cable connection for
setup and operation. It then directly delivers high-resolution, detailed images and videos – even if object
distances are constantly changing. This makes it an ideal option for applications that require fast image
capture with the least possible effort. In addition, the cameras feature digital zoom, automatic white balance and colour correction. This helps, for example, when it is necessary to recognise objects on conveyor belts, barcodes on packages or labels.
Unlike consumer webcams, the uEye XC autofocus camera is tailored to industrial requirements. The
lightweight magnesium housing and compact dimensions of 32 x 61 x 19 mm (W x H x D) facilitate
integration into image processing systems.

The quick-change macro lens (optionally available as accessory) allows users to shorten the minimum distance between the camera and the object, making it suitable for close-up applications such as quality control.

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