INMOCO introduces state-of-the-art communication protocols for the AKD2G servo drive

Kollmorgen has launched new advanced synchronised communication protocols for its AKD2G servo drive, which is supplied in the UK by INMOCO. The drive now features additional support for PROFINET IRT and Ethernet/IP with CIP Sync, expanding upon the existing capabilities with CANopen®, EtherCAT®, and FSoE time-synchronised communication protocols.

The integration of enhanced communication protocols into the servo drive significantly elevates system efficiency.  It enables more precise and rapid response times, improved data exchange, and heightened synchronisation across multiple motion control devices, leading to streamlined operations and optimised performance in complex industrial applications.

The updates have been thoroughly tested for compatibility and performance with a wide array of motion controllers. Following extensive evaluations, they have also achieved certifications from industry standards organisations.

The AKD2G servo drive allows for synchronised movement across several drives, accommodating a broad spectrum of control systems. It supports a range of feedback devices, including single-cable Smart Feedback Device (SFD) or HIPERFACE® DSL connections, providing engineers with ample choice to meet their design requirements.

It also includes an optional SafeMotion® Monitor (SMM) firmware, achieving a safety level of SIL3/PLe. This feature broadens its applicability to a wider array of applications by meeting stringent functional safety standards.

The drive delivers exceptional power density within a compact design and offers both single- and dual-axis models. This versatility and superior performance make it the ideal choice for applications requiring tight coordination across multiple axes of motion.

Engineers can also benefit from the drive’s compatibility with an extensive array of controllers and feedback devices—or with alternative motors—ensuring flexibility in system design and application.

Together with AKM2G motors, the AKD2G servo drive forms part of Kollmorgen’s 2G Motion System, a comprehensive motion product suite designed for seamless integration and enhanced performance.

INMOCO offers a comprehensive range of components for complete motion systems, including motors, gearboxes, actuators, and encoders, along with detailed specification support. Its engineers work closely with both OEM design teams and Kollmorgen to deliver up-to-date advice and assistance.