INMOCO launches new Kollmorgen EtherCAT stepper drive for UK market

Motion and automation distributor, Intelligent Motion Control (INMOCO), has launched Kollmorgen’s new P80360-ECE stepper drive that provides real-time control. The stepper drive’s EtherCAT interface enables fast and simple integration into existing EtherCAT architectures. The P80360-ECE also adds a range of control modes to achieve high-performance motor speed and position modulation.

Kollmorgen’s P8000 stepper drive family.

Kollmorgen has extended its P8000 flagship stepper drive platform by adding an EtherCAT compatible version for two-phase stepper motors up to 3.0 Arms continuous operation and 4.2 Apeak. The new P80360-ECE stepper drive enables rapid integration into existing EtherCAT ecosystems to achieve increased throughput and machine capability.

Along with other stepper drives in Kollmorgen’s P8000 range, the P80360-ECE is ideal for use with machines including labellers, indexers, CNC, packaging, pumps, and other applications requiring motion profile control with fixed loads.

With EtherCAT connectivity, drives can be easily connected via a daisy chain topology, minimising cabling and set-up time. EtherCAT also allows the flexibility of decentralised configurations, placing the drives closer to the axes, while the onboard intelligence of the P80360-ECE stepper drive reduces demand on a central controller. Flexible integration is enhanced with four digital inputs and three digital outputs.

Kollmorgen’s new P80360-ECE stepper drive that provides real-time control.

The P80360-ECE stepper drive provides real-time control and the EtherCAT communication interface supports various operating modes. These include cyclic synchronous position (CSP), cyclic synchronous velocity (CSV), profile position, profile velocity, and various homing modes. Providing closed loop operation via position loop control, the P80360-ECE also features an incremental encoder input for incremental 5 V differential (RS422) or 5 V single-ended (TTL/CMOS) devices.

The new stepper drive is programmable as an EtherCAT slave, while commissioning and management is rapidly achieved via Kollmorgen Studio. The new P80360-ECE stepper drive can integrate with any Kollmorgen Automation System controller, as well as any third-party EtherCAT master, using the supplied ESI file.

In addition to the new P80360-ECE EtherCAT stepper drive, the Kollmorgen P8000 stepper drive range includes the P80360-R4E that delivers closed-loop position control and full programmability. In addition, the P80630-SDN features a conventional single-ended or differential step and direction interface.

Supplied to the UK market by INMOCO,