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Motors and Drives specialists MOONS’ Industries are delighted to announce the launch of Moons’ Industries (UK) based in Reading, Berkshire. This development is the latest chapter of a journey which started nearly 30 years ago building on a commitment to solving problems and meeting the need of its customers. Shanghai based MOONS’ Industries manufacture an extensive range of motion control products from facilities in Asia, North America and Europe.  Watch video:

Founded in 1994, MOONS’ is a global top 3 manufacturer with a yearly shipment of more than 30 million motors of all types, including 10 million hybrid stepper motors. Moons’ are acknowledged for developing high quality motion control products and offer a range which includes over 12 types of motors and actuators with a focus very much on developing innovative Slotless and Coreless motors.

Their choice of Slotless Brushless DC motors includes 11 types of winding, with the ø16mm series of slotless BLDC motors available in short, long and XL versions with 3 different power outputs, while the latest MICRO options includes slotless motor, gearbox, encoder, driver, and mechanical components. Coreless Brushed DC motors which provide excellent performance and are easier to control, are available in 6 diameters of 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 17mm and 24mm. Their innovative hollow rotor design enables rapid acceleration combined with low rotational inertia, no cogging and no iron loss, housed in a compact and light package.  When coupled with a gearbox they can deliver high torque, while the encoder can be used for precise positioning applications.

MOONS’ understands that choosing the right motor for your motion control application can significantly impact product performance, improving reliability and at lower cost. With so many types of DC motors available; permanent magnet steppers, hybrid steppers, brushless DC, step servos and slot less motors, it’s tricky to know which one to choose.

However, the combination of MOONS extensive product range, advanced technology, along with our ‘customer-first’ focus, will help UK customers to optimise the performance of their systems.

It’s time to make sure your OEM’s move in better ways with MOONS’. 

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