New 08ECP20 Ultra ECTM Motor Sets New Standards

Engineering Industry News

Portescap, a leading innovator in miniature motion solutions, introduces the 08ECP20 brushless DC slotless motor, a mini actuation solution ideal for engineers looking to downsize devices and applications without compromising on performance or reliability. The 08ECP20 is the smallest frame size to join Portescap’s Ultra EC portfolio.

08ECP20 Ultra EC motor joins Portescap’s BLDC portfolio and sets new standard for device miniaturization

This 8mm motor incorporates Portescap’s proprietary Ultra EC winding and an optimized bearing assembly, a design that enables the brushless motor to achieve speeds up to 60,000 rpm. Lower power losses lead to higher efficiency, while the absence of cogging torque results in smooth rotation and improved end-user experience.

The 08ECP20’s unique combination of compact design, high-speed capabilities, efficiency, and maximized performance/price ratio positions it as the go-to solution for handheld device manufacturers across various industries. Specific examples include miniature actuators in the Aerospace and Defence sector, portable medical pumps, bionic and exoskeleton systems, and optical/laser systems.

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