BAUMER continues to expand its range of ultra-compact, maintenance-free encoders for harsh industrial applications following the introduction of the EB360 a new multi-turn encoder. This bearing less, non-contact, fully encapsulated and compact absolute encoder measures just 22mm in height, is designed to deliver precise angle position and speed feedback, even in environments which are dusty, dirty or wet.

The requirements for this new encoder were ambitious with Baumer Product Manager, Sebastian Koester confirming, “The EB360 was intended to set a new encoder standard in factory automation, delivering the smallest multi-turn encoder, which would be free from maintenance and wear-free as a result of utilising  non-contact sensing technology”. Thanks to the delivery of angle and speed information with +/- 0.3% precision, combined with protection standards of IP67 or the option of IP69K, the encoder is ideal for harsh environments.

Resistant to fibres, dust or fluids

The modular, space-saving design and integral rotor simplifies integration of the encoder into systems and extends its potential use across a wide range of applications.

The encoders’ non-contact sensing principle without moving components ensures high reliability preventing any ingress of unwanted fibres, dusts or fluids. Also, the absence of any moving parts eliminates the issues of time-consuming maintenance and unwanted production downtime.

The EB360 is available as a single-turn or multi-turn encoder with interfaces including;

SSI, CANopen. SAEJ1939. It offers high resistance to vibration and shocks up to 500g, and operation in applications with temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +85º.

Typical applications for the EB360 encoder include; Textile manufacturing, Packaging Machines, Conveyor belts and Medical technology.

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