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Power Prove launches off-the-shelf radiator mounted load bank range.

Load bank manufacturer and division of Cressall Resistors, Power Prove, has launched a standard range of radiator mounted load banks. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with generator radiator cooling systems, these load banks can be used to prevent under loading of the generator and enable easy generator testing and performance optimisation.

The radiator mounted load banks are specifically designed to be fitted into the diesel generators (gen-set) radiator cooling duct. The benefits of this type of load bank are that the gen-set’s fans can be used to cool the resistive elements of the load bank, removing the requirement for additional cooling fans or related components.

The range’s key feature is that the load meaning that load testing can be conducted frequently and simply and possibly without the need for an external load bank. For the increasing number of gen-sets installed in hard-to-reach locations, this makes the process of load testing much more convenient, reducing the likelihood of facilities skipping vital testing procedures. As an optional extra, load section contactors can be installed for remote control of the load, making load testing even easier.

The load banks are offered with two load steps, each representing 50 per cent of the total power rating, enabling incremental steps for ballast or test loads. The resistor elements used within the load bank use Power Prove’s stainless steel expanded mesh technology. These elements have a very large surface area in relation to their mass, giving excellent heat transfer capabilities and making them ideal for continuous duties. The construction is designed to maximise the use of convection air for ventilation, providing the longest possible lifespan for the load banks elements.

 “Our radiator mounted load banks make it simpler to test generators, as well as address the need for efficient load control in various industries,” explained Andrew Keith, division director of Power Prove. “As a load bank manufacturer, while we know how important load testing is, we also recognise that some facilities may not conduct tests as frequently as they should due to the location of many generators. This range aims to make the process of load testing as simple as possible, to ensure facilities keep their diesel generators maintained and operational.”

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