Red Lion® Launches New N-Tron® NT116

The switch provides unmatched performance, and reliability in harsh industrial environments.

Red Lion, a manufacturer of innovative technologies that empower industrial organizations to access, connect and visualize their data, is pleased to announce the launch of N-Tron® NT116 unmanaged industrial Ethernet switch, designed for industrial applications needing dependable performance for mission-critical applications under harsh conditions.

The NT116 unmanaged switch offers exceptional reliability and performance for data acquisition, Ethernet I/O and process control. Compact in size and including 16 high performance copper ports (10/100BaseTX RJ45), the unit is housed in a rugged industrial metal enclosure. The NT116 offers high shock and vibration tolerance, and all ports have built in ESD and surge protection. Users benefit from an exceptional 1.2M hour MTBF rating, in a slim, space-saving design that operates in temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.

For robust network support, the NT116 supports full wire speed communications of up to 3.2 Gb/s throughput. The unit uses store-and-forward technology and supports full and half duplex operation. Two 10-49 VDC power inputs are provided for redundancy.

The N-Tron® NT116 is the next evolution of Red Lion’s 116TX unmanaged industrial ethernet switch. In addition to IEEE 802.3 compliance and marine, railway and rolling stock certifications, the new switch carries UL Ordinary and Hazardous locations as well as ATEX and IECEx certification.

Red Lion’s new N-Tron® NT116 makes critical performance data easier to gather. Its rugged and hardened design provides the durability and reliability needed to withstand the extreme conditions found on factory floor control networks and in oil and gas, utilities, wastewater treatment, alternative energy, rail, intelligent traffic control and transportation applications.

“When industrial equipment operators and business leaders can access their data seamlessly and quickly, they derive more value from it. The N-Tron® NT116 unmanaged industrial ethernet switch minimizes downtime and maximizes throughput to improve efficiency and drive operational performance,” said Diane Davis Product Manager.

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