Revolutionising Linear Motors: Motion Control Products Unveils Patented Magnetic-Free Track Technology for Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

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 Bournemouth UK, September 2023: Motion Control Products Ltd(MCP), a pioneering solutions provider in the automation market headquartered in Bournemouth, is proud to introduce an industry-first innovation – the MMF3 series magnetic-free track linear motors and linear modules. What sets these motors and modules apart is the incorporation of a patented magnetic field modulation technology, eliminating the need for traditional magnets in the linear track. This breakthrough not only enhances efficiency but also has the potential to revolutionise the economics of linear motion systems. 

How does the ‘Magnetic-Free Track’ MMF3 linear motor work?

Conventional linear motors rely on magnets within the linear track and coils in the moving forcer. However, MCP’s MMF3 series magnetic-free Track Linear Motor (MMF3) departs from convention by adopting a magnetic field modulation principle that eliminates the requirement for a permanent magnet in the platen. This innovation translates to significant cost savings, particularly for applications involving extended platen lengths that would otherwise demand substantial amounts of rare-earth materials.

Safety concerns often accompany the assembly of systems utilising large magnetic fields, a common feature of traditional linear motors. In stark contrast, MCP’s magnetic-free track linear motors boast a low vertical magnetic attraction, ensuring ease of forcer and platen protection. Most significantly, they substantially reduce costs associated with long linear movements and increased platen lengths.

The MMF3 linear motor preserves the fundamental principles of electromagnetic theory while incorporating the latest magnetic field modulation concepts. By employing a self-modulated ferrite alloy stator, MMF3 integrates the magnets into the mover, effectively merging the coil and magnet in a compact format. The stator’s unique design establishes a magnetic circuit that interacts with two magnetic fields to generate thrust, resulting in remarkably smooth performance and thrust efficiency.

What’s Magnetic-Free track linear Motor advantages, features and benefits?

Optimising the interaction between the forcer and platen yields exceptional results: continuous force capabilities of up to 495N (1527N at peak) and a maximum speed of 12.8 m/s (18.2m/s at lower force levels). This translates to motor efficiency levels surpassing 90%. The manufacturing and installation processes of MMF3 linear motors confer customers with extraordinary force density, streamlined assembly, heightened operational speeds, and precision movement.

The patented MMF3 magnetic-free track linear motors offer several distinct advantages over their conventional counterparts:

Enhanced Operator Safety: The absence of a magnetic field in the stator ensures safer assembly for operators, eliminating potential risks associated with magnetic fields.

Extended Product Lifespan: Reduced cogging force and friction contribute to prolonged product lifespan, offering customers a reliable and durable solution.

Reduced EMI: Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is significantly minimised in the platen, leading to improved operational reliability in sensitive environments.

Superior Forcer Protection: The magnetic-free design provides comprehensive protection for the forcer, reducing the accumulation of particles that magnetic fields can attract.

Economical Advantages: Beyond the innovative technology, the MMF3 linear motors yield substantial cost savings by minimising reliance on rare-earth materials, presenting a more sustainable solution for linear motion systems.

Introducing MMD Linear Motor Modules:

In addition to the groundbreaking MMF3 series linear motors, MCP is proud to present the MMD linear motor modules. Offering four base width options, these modules are characterised by high integration, precision, speed, security, and ease of protection. MMD linear motor modules have found widespread use in the 3C industry, LCD displays, photovoltaic applications, and the medical field.

Notably, MMD linear motor modules shine in applications requiring long travel distances and those sensitive to magnetic fields. Their versatility and performance make them an ideal choice for a range of industries, ensuring seamless integration and outstanding results.

Motion Control Products Ltd’s patented MMF3 series magnetic-free track linear motors and MMD linear motor modules epitomise a remarkable convergence of innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By transcending the limitations of traditional linear motor designs, MCP’s MMF3 linear motor is shaping a new era of automation possibilities.

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