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Investing in and embracing sustainability is as we know a very hot topic, especially given todays’ focus on Green Energy projects. Given the environmental views of their ‘Green Power’ customers along with their commitment to embracing sustainability, Condition Monitoring specialist SENSONICS are delighted to confirm their latest investment in Solar Panels and Electric Car Charging points at their manufacturing facility in Hertfordshire, UK.

The utilisation of renewable energy sources at Sensonics HQ will significantly reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on non-renewable resources, which will help to minimise harmful emissions. As a forward-thinking and responsible corporate business, Sensonics feel that by contributing positively to the communities and environments in which they operate reflects their core values and confirms an ongoing commitment to their environmental responsibilities.

Managing Director, Russell King comments, “Changes in the energy market have made the installation of larger solar systems a common sense approach to meeting company climate commitments as well as reducing costs. Our factory now operates on more than 50% solar power and on a good day we are exporting electricity, so we are doing our bit by contributing to the UK’s green energy generation”.

Sensonics Ltd,