Wear-resistant trapezoidal screw drives from Kammerer

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Now with shorter delivery times

Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH presents rolled trapezoidal screw drives. The spindles, which are produced in a thread rolling process, are characterised by their excellent running properties, high wear resistance, and long service life. The Black-Forest-based threaded technology specialist now offers the components with a delivery time of just four to six working weeks.

Trapezoidal screw drives combine a trapezoidal threaded spindle with a trapezoidal threaded nut. They are used in a vast number of industrial sectors. The majority of the trapezoidal screw drives produced by Kammerer are used in hoisting applications, linear applications, medical technology and in packaging machines from market leaders.

Rolled trapezoidal threaded spindles from Kammerer

Rolled trapezoidal threaded spindles are manufactured in a chipless cold forming process,  thread rolling. This production process has a positive impact on the physical and technical properties of the trapezoidal threads. It gives them a higher wear resistance, tensile and flexural strength, and it gives the smooth thread flanks a better surface quality. The threads have a high profile accuracy – the precise base material tolerances cause a higher degree of precision of the flank diameter. Another advantage is the high level of wear resistance: the rolling process condenses the material in the thread area, which gives it a higher density and hardness. This in turn makes the thread highly resistant to wear, and gives it a long service life. Kammerer produces the trapezoidal screw drives according to DIN 103 in tolerance class 7e. The trapezoidal threads have a pitch accuracy of 0.1/300 mm and a straightness of 0.8/1000 mm without flaking. Unalloyed steel or stainless steel are the materials used. As standard, Kammerer produces trapezoidal threaded spindles made from unalloyed steel C15 with nominal diameters and pitches of 8 mm x 1.5 mm to 60 mm x 9 mm. Corrosion-resistant trapezoidal threaded spindles are offered in a range from 8 mm x 1.5 mm to 30 mm x 6 mm. The trapezoidal threaded nuts are designed as flange, round or hexagonal nuts, or can be custom made to suit the application’s requirements. They are generally made of bronze or red brass, but can also be manufactured in steel, plastic or cast iron.

Kammerer offers all manufacturing processes for the production of threads. The full product range includes ball screws, trapezoidal ball screws, custom assemblies and complete systems. The products are used throughout the world in machine tools, general mechanical engineering, precision engineering, handling automation, robotics, medical equipment, the automotive and aerospace industry.