World’s smallest inrush current limiter-series CAMTEC ESB001 now available worldwide

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CAMTEC Power Supplies announces

Power supply specialist CAMTEC POWER SUPPLIES is expanding its successful portfolio of AC inrush current limiters:

The new CAMTEC ESB001 series is available worldwide as of now. The ESB001 inrush current limiter series, is by far world’s smallest of its performance class. It requires just 1 TE (17.5mm) space on the top-hat rail, which commonly is only the dimension of a single-phase circuit breaker.

The ESB001 series is developed and produced by CAMTEC Power Supplies GmbH in Germany, in the Black Forest. The acknowledged specialists for particularly robust capacitive loads and laboratory power supplies are releasing the new series in two versions: The ESB001.LED.230VAC aims at traditional LED lighting in buildings, street lighting and tunnel lighting.

The ESB001.24.230VAC is suitable for protecting against contact fires on load relays or protecting multiplexed MUX channels from damaging inrush currents.

Due to the low heat production of only 1.1 W @230Vac at 99.97 % efficiency, the ESB001 can be mounted wall-to-wall with neighbouring devices in the control cabinet. Therefor the ESB001 units show their strength wherever space in the control cabinet is very tight – like in retrofits in buildings or in street lighting.

The small design also makes them suitable for displays in shop solutions, display cases at airports or in city centres. In particular, the model ESB001.24.230VAC helps to keep the sum of all inrush currents in the sub distribution extremely low, so that costs will be saved for not having to switch on the different network areas sequentially.

In addition, the CAMTEC ESB001 retains all the features and benefits of CAMTEC’s proven, world leading ESB101 and ESB303 series, which have been used for more than a decade wherever particularly reliable protection of lighting and machinery applications is required.

The ESB001 meets the demanding industrial standards EN61010-1, EN61010- 2-201 as well as the current IT standard EN62368-1. They are totally EMC neutral and can – alike the CAMTEC ESB101 and ESB303 limiters – be used in all frequencies from the 16 2/3 Hz railway networks to 400Hz on-board networks.

In a network with inrush current limiters, the sum of all inrush currents in the sub distribution network is kept extremely low. This makes the network stable and fail safe. What’s more, not having to switch on the different network areas one after the otherwhile being able to use simpler components in the electrical system, saves up to ten percent of the total costs when planning lighting, tunnel, or industrial electrical installations. They can be purchased from all CAMTEC Power Supply

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