MCP Unveils the iWMC Integrated Servo Wheel Module for AGV / AMR Applications

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Bournemouth UK, January 2024: Motion Control Products Ltd (MCP), the Bournemouth-based solutions provider for the automation market, introduces our new iWMC series Integrated Servo Wheel Module from Kinco, an innovative product designed to address the evolving needs of the rapidly growing AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) industries.

In the competitive landscape of universal modular mobile chassis production, the iWMC Servo Wheel Module stands out as a highly integrated solution. Kinco’s commitment to innovation and deep customer engagement has led to the development of a product that seamlessly combines the essential elements of “drive, motor, encoder, gearbox, and wheel,” providing a versatile solution for mobile robots in warehousing and logistics, intelligent manufacturing, and beyond.

The iWMC servo wheel is a standard CAN slave device that strictly follows the CANOpen 2.0A/B protocol. It can be communicated via CANOpen bus communication software, meaning any host computer that supports this protocol can communicate with our servo wheel.

1. Powerful Drive Control: The iWMC Integrated Servo Wheel Module boasts a 3 times overload capacity, ensuring a high full rate of motor slot and large overall output torque density. This results in a robust solution with strong overload capacity, propelling the advancement of mobile robots.

2. Compact and Lightweight Design: With a built-in servo drive, motor, encoder, gearbox, and rubber wheel, the integrated module is not only powerful but also compact and lightweight. This design enhances overall mobility and efficiency.

3. Precision, Easy Installation and Streamlined Cables: The integrated bracket design ensures higher installation accuracy, improves walking control for AGVs, and also minimises external cables, enhancing vehicle reliability and stability.

4. Space-Saving Efficiency: The modular form of the iWMC module saves over 35% of the installation space for walking driver components, offering a space-efficient solution for mobile robot applications.

5. Quick Installation, Immediate Productivity: The iWMC module ensures quick and easy installation through screw fastening, enabling immediate productivity gains while saving time and reducing costs.

The iWMC Integrated servo wheel module is suitable for mobile robot walking wheel applications or AGVs weighing up to 1,000kgs, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications such as material handling, logistics, automated warehousing, and more.

For technical information, please visit our website or contact the Motion Control Products sales team at +44 (0)1202 599922.

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