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The cyber® iTAS® system 2 from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor is a
completely redesigned, compact servo drive system for
automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots
(AMRs) and other mobile platforms. It consists of a safety
certified servo drive from the cyber® simco® drive 2 series as
well as a compact and high-load wheel actuator in the form of
the cyber® TAS actuator 2. This differential drive system
convinces with an end-to-end industrial concept that will greatly
simplify vehicle development, design and construction in the
long term along with operation and servicing.

It combines a lean and integration-friendly safety architecture with
maximum power density, giving the vehicles a decisive gain in
performance and increasing productivity.

Industrial simplicity and robustness mean optimal availability
The cyber® iTAS® system 2 has an industrial system design which is
both integration-friendly and robust. The wheel actuator of the cyber®
iTAS® system 2 is only 180 mm high and – mainly by integrating the
gearbox into the wheel geometry – achieves an overall length of just
230 mm. It offers a payload of up to 750 kg per wheel and is
designed for vehicle masses between one and three tons, so that the
drive system is suitable for AGVs with limited mounting space under
the body. Furthermore, the wheel actuators of a differential drive can
be assembled back-to-back to save space and, if required, rotated
axially by 90°. The compact servo drive additionally has IP65
protection, meaning it is protected against dust and moisture and
can therefore be flexibly placed in the immediate vicinity of the drive,
with the result that not much wiring is needed.

The electrical connection between the wheel actuator and the cyber®
simco® drive 2 servo drive is a simple matter using standard
industrial M12 connectors and ring cable lugs. Power and logic are
supplied via a wide voltage range input of 12 to 60 VDC. The servo
drive has both a multi-Ethernet and a CANopen interface to ensure
straightforward connection to different control environments.

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