The Innovative Solution From Schmalz For Gripping In Restricted Spaces

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The range of industrial and collaborative robots available to potential users has never been greater, and this is reflected in the increasingly diverse applications where robots are being introduced. Whilst robots provide the speed, precision and flexibility needed to automate, the design and functionality of the gripper being used, can in many instances, make the difference between success and failure in an application. Not only are robots being introduced into new application areas, end users and system integrators are seeking shorter delivery and integration times to meet the production demands of their customers.

As a market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling systems, Schmalz technologies and solutions can be found across multiple market sectors and applications including logistics, automotive, electronics and furniture production to name but a few. Through a combination of comprehensive research and a focus on innovation, Schmalz has developed an extensive range of innovative and intelligent vacuum gripper systems designed to increase flexibility and improve productivity, whilst at the same time enhancing the potential for digitalisation.

The new FEL large-area gripper from Schmalz once again demonstrates the company’s philosophy of innovation. With its flat and lightweight design, it not only offers precise handling for a wide variety of workpieces, but also remarkable energy efficiency in operation. A further and impressive characteristic of the FEL gripper system is that it is just 26.5 millimetres in height making it ideally suited to applications where access is restricted. With a focus on energy efficiency and operating costs throughout the development process, this area gripper can be segmented in up to four zones that can be individually controlled and switched on or off.


The FEL gripper is aimed at a broad range of applications and can be used for handling workpieces regardless of their size, geometry, material, and surface condition in confined spaces, such as the removal of items from racks or transport boxes. A further benefit is that due to its low weight, it is ideally suited for use on applications with lightweight robots. Options are also available which allow the gripper to be used in clean room and ESD environments.

(The new FEL Gripper from Schmalz is ideally suited to a wide range of applications, especially those where access is restricted)

The aluminium base of the gripper incorporates integral air guides to supply the maximum of four individual gripping zones, and lateral T-Slots to allow the integration of sensors. Different gripper lengths are also possible.

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