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When space is really tight in your industrial automation sensing application, trust sensing and instrumentation specialist BAUMER to provide the ideal solution; a high quality sensor in the smallest package. Baumer claim that their new UR12 Ultrasonic Sensor, in M12 size, is the world’s shortest ultrasonic sensor as it features a housing reduced down to a length of just 50mm, along with a 15mm ‘blind’ area.

The ultra-compact design of the M12 sensor, with the proven performance of the UR12 incorporating highly integrated sensor electronics, results in unmatched sensor performance. These sensors provide a fast response time of up to 16 ms with a maximum detection range of 500mm and for through beam sensors of 1000mm. This allows design engineers more freedom in space-saving machine designs with best-in-class sensor performance – even in the tightest installation space. 

As standard, the M12 sensor features IO-Link interface for easy integration and delivery of valuable secondary data, while advanced functions ensure optimum sensor settings, such as easy configuration of sonic cones using the FREE Baumer Sensor Suite https://www.baumer.com/gb/en/products/baumer-sensor-suite/a/baumer-sensor-suite

For less demanding distance measurement applications a retrofit product variant of the M12 is available without IO-Link. Finally, thanks to compatible connections, the UR12 is a convenient ‘drop-in’ replacement for older M12 sensors.

The sensor is ideal for double sheet control in battery manufacture, or for level and leakage control of coolants in e-mobility charging stations. More at: www.baumer.com/c/13523  ENDS

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